Sign in Hotmail

Sign in Hotmail is really easy, before doing so you will have to have created your email account in Hotmail beforehand. Learn how to Hotmail sign in.

Sign in Hotmail
Sign in Hotmail

Sign in Hotmail

The steps to follow to Hotmail sign in are the following:

  • Enter any of the following URLs: or
  • Once done that you have to click on the box on the right where it says “Sign in
  • There will appear a screen where you must add your email address
  • Later the password
  • Finally you have logged in to Hotmail. (Start Hotmail)

But as we said earlier, you have to have an email account.

Hotmail sign in Extra Tutorial

How to create a Hotmail email account?

The steps to register in Hotmail are:

  • Enter at or
  • Now click on the text at the top right where it says “Create an account
  • Complete all fields of the form such as email address, password, security questions and phone number.
  • If all the data is correct and you have verified your account with your cell phone, the system will redirect you to the Hotmail inbox.

How to Sign in Hotmail on Mobile

If you want to learn to sign in Hotmail on your mobile and have your email Hotmail from your cell phone, you must first download the application called “hotmail” (Open Hotmail) from the google app, you can do it using your WiFi. The exact name of the app is “Microsoft Outlook“, but it performs the search as “hotmail”.

Sign in Hotmail on Mobile
Sign in Hotmail on Mobile

When you have installed the app, enter your Hotmail email and password. When you sign in hotmail, it will stay activated on your phone and you will receive constant notifications every time an email arrives in your inbox (that is configurable anyway).

Download Hotmail – How to Hotmail sign in from your mobile

  1. Download Hotmail: You have to download this free application from Google Play.
  2. Install APP / Initial configuration: It is installed as all the app, in the first configuration you must place your email and password.

When you have completed everything click on “Next” and finally you will have entered the Hotmail inbox from your mobile.

If you want to sign in from a computer, you have to enter the URL that we show below:

How to Sign in Hotmail on Computer

  • Go to the following URL: or
  • Enter your user name (email) Outlook or Skype, with which you had previously registered.
  • Enter the password you had chosen at the time you registered.
  • Click on Sign in Hotmail to start sending and receiving email.
Sign in Hotmail on Computer
Sign in Hotmail on Computer

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Sign in Hotmail
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