How to create a CC email

The email is currently the most used and most important messaging service available on the internet. It is designed so anyone of any age and without any effort can make use of the service. Now on this article we will show you something really easy that will make your experience using emails better. This is how to create a CC email.

How to create a CC email

The electronic mail was invented in the 70s. But it is in the last two decades that it has become essential being a necessary tool not only in companies and institutions but in everyday life.

However most people don’t use all their functions because they don’t know what is the right use of it. An example of this is the CC option box. The CC email box is something that is there but most people don’t use it.  Most of the time this box is left blank because people don’t know exactly why it should be filled and with what kind of information.

What is the CC box used for?

The acronym CC stands for Carbon Copy. It is also called With Copy. In this field you must include the people you want to receive an extra copy of the mail without them being the main recipient to whom it is addressed. Therefore its name refers to carbon copies that are usually used to replicate original printed documents.

How to create a CC email

Here are the steps to create a CC email:

  1. On your email server press the option to write a new message
  2. In the To / To box you must place the main recipient to whom you are directing the mail
  3. Then, in box CC you place the one or the recipients who want to receive a copy of this mail so they are aware of it without them being the one to whom you direct the message.
  4. Once you have written your email, press send. Your email will be received by all those to whom you have added the To / To field and the CC field.How to create a CC email
How to create a CC email
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