How to create an email with BCC

Sometimes we want to send the same email to different people but we don’t want them to see the other users to whom it is addressed. When we write an email with BCC we have a box to add hidden recipients that can receive the mail but will remain invisible to the rest of the recipients.

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. In some servers this box can appear automatically when adding the recipients on the email. In other servers may be necessary to click on a link for this box to appear (Add BCC or Show BCC).

How to create an email with BCC

There is also the CC box (Carbon Copy) were you can add those people who you want to receive an extra copy of the mail. The main difference is that the email addresses of those people added in the BCC box can’t be seen by the rest.

Benefits and functions of the BCC box

The main benefit of the email with BCC is that you can send a copy of the message to one or more third parties without the main recipient knowing. This way if we send a message to 20 people; none of those 20 email addresses will be revealed to anyone. It will allow you to maintain the privacy of each person.

Doing this we avoid common problems such as spam, identity theft, virus spreading and others. Also, it is really useful to work because you can send information to a client for example but send a copy to your boss without the client knowing.

How to create an email with BCC

  • On your email server click on the option to write a new email.
  • On the To / To box you add the main recipient to whom you are directing your email.
  • In the CC box you add the recipients that you want to receive an extra copy.
  • In the BCC box you add the mail addresses you want to remain invisible. No other recipient will know that they received it.

When you send an email with BCC you can leave the blank To / To box, this is not necessary if you only want hidden recipients

How to create an email with BCC

How to create an email with BCC
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