How to create a filter on Outlook

Email filters have become a very important tool. It’s useful to avoid spam emails, highlight the most important ones or simply give some order to our saturated inbox. In Outlook the filter service is known as “inbox rules” and on this article we will show you how to create a filter on Outlook.

Step by step, this is an easy procedure. Follow the isntructions and in a few minutes, you will have your filter done.

Steps to create a filter on Outlook

  • Step 1: to create a filter on Outlook you need to log in on your account. Type your address and your password and click on the sign in button.
  • Step 2: on the main page or inbox of your account select the options icon. It’s located in the upper right corner next to your Name and profile picture. A tab will be displayed where you will select “options”.
  • Step 3: on the left side of the screen a menu of options will appear. You will click on “Rules of the inbox”.
  • Step 4: a series of options will appear on the right side, where we will select the plus symbol to add a new filter.
How to create a filter on Outlook - Hotmail - Sign in hotmail - Sign up
How to create a filter on Outlook – Hotmail – Sign in hotmail – Sign up
  • Step 5: at this point a new window will open where you have to fill certain fields according to the criteria you need to group your messages. Also, to create a filter on Outlook you need to adjust some options like the name or word you are looking for, the action to follow when you receive an email with certain characteristics and which emails are going to be there.You can create a folder here, so you can find all your emails in a specific place.

  • Step 6: to finish click on the “Accept” button and wait for the notification that your filter was created successfully. Your filter will appear in the rules menu of the inbox. If you have selected as an option that the emails are archived in a specific folder, there will be grouped there once you receive emails with these criteria.
How to create a filter on Outlook
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